Retractable Awnings

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Yahan inc Retractable Awning has been designed to allow the client to enjoy the exterior areas either it is too much sun or too much rain, helping beautifying the property with the great diversity of colors and designs we offer.

Retractable Awnings protects against heat and UV rays produced by the sun helping the inside of the house feel cooler, and also lowering the electric bill.

Our Retractable Awning are made with the highest quality materials used for metallic structures and welding. The fabric used is resistant to normal deterioration caused by any type of weather.

Retactables Awnings Benefits

  • It prevents rugs, curtains and furniture from losing color due to solar rays
  • It shades the area rendering permanent comfort
  • Helps the area be up to 20 degrees cooler
  • Available in different beautiful colors
  • It gives you another area in your house that you can enjoy
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